Total collected: ₴1 843 853
Army of Drones

Buy tea — help the Army of Drones

Tea on the Ukrainian railways is a living legend.

5.5 UAH from each tea bag will go towards the Army of Drones

In the context of war, it takes on new meanings, like other everyday things. Now you can purchase the tea on the website or directly on the train and support our defenders by contributing to FPV drones.
This project is organized through the collaboration of the Ukrainian railways, the Army of Drones project, and the Gemini tea manufacturer.

You play — the occupiers lose

But it's not ordinary tea. Each tea bag allows you to play Battleship.
Place your objects on the battlefield and try to locate the enemy's vessels.
Currently, two types of tea are available: Combat Tea with bergamot and Reconnaissance Tea with Crimean herbs.

To let drones fight instead of people

Currently, not only people but also technologies are fighting. The war in Ukraine is the largest drone warfare in human history.
Drones help not only in destroying enemy warehouses and occupiers but also in protecting our military. The more drones we have on the frontlines, the fewer soldiers are sent for reconnaissance. The more lives can be saved.
The funds collected will be transferred to the accounts of the fundraising platform UNITED24 and will enable the purchase of FPV drones for our defenders.
Amount raised
for the Army of Drones
1 843 853 uah
of tea bags sold
335 246

Questions and Answers

What is the Army of Drones?

The Army of Drones is a joint project of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Special Communications Service, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and the Ministry of Defense. It initially started within the fundraising platform UNITED24 but has now transformed into a new strategy for the development of domestic UAV production.

What drones are you raising funds for?  

We are raising funds for FPV drones called Silent Thunder, which are produced in Ukraine. The price of one drone is 21,000 UAH.

Why are you raising funds specifically for FPV drones?

FPV drones are small in size, affordable, and have the capability to accurately target various enemy objectives, even tank hatches and narrow windows.

Their main distinction from other “birds” is the control through specialized goggles providing a first-person view.

They are easily assembled by Ukrainian manufacturers and cost significantly less than conventional "Mavics". However, the price of drones does not affect their effectiveness in any way — such drones can strike enemy equipment worth several million dollars.

How can I purchase the tea?

You can do it either on the website or mobile application of the Ukrainian Railways while buying a ticket or directly on the train.

How can I donate more?

You can do it through the UNITED24 platform or in the Diia mobile application.

Who are the project partners?

The fundraiser is made possible through the joint initiative of the Ukrainian Railways, Gemini, and the Army of Drones. The Postmen agency provides communication support for the project.
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